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Why can’t you use phones on planes?

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Missed you guys! You guys need to watch this video before we get into it! *Disclaimer – NOT PG language!

Why can’t you use phones on planes?

Ok… now that you either laughed your asses off or got offended, you’re probably still wondering why you can’t use your phones on planes? Contrary to popular belief, it’s actually NOT because it causes interference. Although…. sometimes, it does happen.

The two main reasons why they won’t allow you to fiddle with your phones is simply because of regulations from governing countries such as USA and Canada. But…. what’s the big WHY? Actually, the big reason is pretty simple. It’s because the TWO (2) most crucial times during flights are during take off and landing. During those crucial times, it is VERY important that you are aware of your surroundings and to be aware of anything that could potentially happen.

In case of an emergency, the flight crew needs everyone to be absolutely sure that they can evacuate the entire plane in LESS than 90 seconds. Yes you heard right… an ENTIRE aircraft in 90 seconds or less. Speaking of which…. you guys ever seen videos of people evacuating planes and STILL grab their personal belongings WHILE doing selfie videos? What are your thoughts about that? So bottom line folks, just do as the flight crews instruct you to do. It is their JOB to keep you safe and it is their job to ensure that EVERYONE has a safe flight.

Food for thought!


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