What happens when your drink booze on the plane?

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With more and more travellers on the go nowadays, we all witness some pretty interesting things at times but this is something that I see more and more often. Whether it’s a flight to Toronto or a flight to Cancun, there is almost always one person that doesn’t seem to understand the concept of alcohol in the air.

Let’s take a moment to explain to you the effects of alcohol on your body in the air and then explain to you the consequences when you become a douche nozzle on a flight.

Let me start off by saying that there is NOTHING wrong with drinking on the plane. As a matter of fact, I have landed in Cancun buzzed once during a trip with the boys. However, there is a line to be drawn.

Alcohol can be enjoyed either for free on certain flights or is readily available with a tap of your credit card, however, consuming booze at 35000 feet can have some pretty serious effects on your body. ONE beer will be equivalent to THREE (3) beers in the air, so keep that in mind. I’m not a physician so I won’t pretend to know why you would get gooned faster but….. PLEASE keep this rule in mind. For the wine lovers out there, it’s the SAME THING! If you are a belligerent drunk at home after a few brewskies, please keep it to a minimum on the flight because unlike being at home, you can face some serious consequences. If you also know that you’re friend is the type of guy to go EXTRA then try and keep him/her in check.

What are the consequences anyways?

Other than getting completely obliterated in mid air and unable to walk out of a plane you mean?

Flight crew can and will stop serving you alcohol if they deem it fit.

If you disturb the plane enough, a few things can happen from there.

  • Plane can turn around, at which point, police officers will undoubtedly escort you out.

  • Be fined thousands of dollars

  • Banned for period of time or a lifetime from the airline or ALL airlines

  • Criminal charges against you

  • etc..

Now if you go the extra mile and get into a confrontation, you may be restrained by the flight crew along by a few passengers and that usually qualifies you for criminal charges, videos of you on YouTube followed by national embarrassment from news outlets and lifetime ban from ANY airlines ever again.

But WAIT! There’s MORE…..!!! (as Slap Chop guy would say) In this day and age of the smart phones being everywhere, if somehow you’re employer caught a glimpse of your stupidity in mid air being broadcasted nationwide/worldwide, they may choose to terminate your employment (severance may be given or not depending on contracts/etc) and your odds of finding another job after being the poster child douchebag is going to be slim… very very slim….

Bottom line…. Drink, have fun but KNOW your limits!

Until next time Travel Pandas!

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