Vietnamese Lunch at Song Huong Calgary Part 1

Hello Hungry Pandas!!


Did you want some yummy and delicious Vietnamese food? Let us share our favourite place that we go to VERY often! We will have MANY parts to this as there are PLENTY of delicious dishes there. So where is this???

It’s called Song Huong and it’s in the south east part of Calgary. I personally love going there at lunch time if I’m working in the area, it’s quick, it’s delicious and it’s light enough to keep me going for the rest of the day. One quick note to remember is that they only take cash as form of payment so make sure to have a few bills with you. Did I also mention it’s cheaper and healthier than McDonald’s???

So let me share my favourite lunch dish with you guys! It’s #23 Vermicelli noodles with pork and spring rolls. NOTE: Do not have this dish if you have peanut allergies (see picture below)


Presentation 10/10
Smell – 15/10 oh that smell when it comes out of the kitchen…
Beef – 10/10 Tender and flavourful
Spring rolls – 10/10 Be careful! They are usually blazing hot as they are freshly done for you
Veggies – 9/10 but that’s because I hate veggies

Overall this is just damn good! No other words! This has been my dish of choice since I tried it over 6 years ago. This dish, as good as it may be, isn’t what Song Huong is known for, stay tuned for parts 2 and 3 to find out what they are known for.


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