Travel Photography – Top 5 Point & Shoot Cameras UNDER $600 CAD Fall 2016

Hello Photo Pandas!

People ask me this question at least twice a week and it’s becomes more frequent during the summer season and close to Christmas. HAHA!! So I guess it only makes sense to make a blog post on it!

Common complaint by my friends and family (my parents especially haha), is that a DSLR is just TOO BIG to lug around but of course they want Hasselblad/Phase One like quality images. LOL who doesn’t I guess. So here, I am going to recommend some super sweet point & shoot camera that won’t nuke your budget but will give you outstanding image quality, video quality and many other features.

Let’s get started shall we? So contrary to popular belief, you don’t always NEED a super duper high end DSLR to take amazing shots. Right? Who knew? Now these point & shoots are not your super entry level cameras. Rather they are a mighty fine choice for those that want a solid primary camera or if you are like me, you like to have a really nice backup when the DSLR is just not a viable option.

Why do I recommend point & shoot cameras you ask? SIZE of course! You are FAR more likely to take it with you on day trips or short walks compared to the bigger DSLRs. Although the iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 are amazing cameras (I have the S7), sometimes, you need a little bit more than a tiny sensor.

Let’s count them down!

#5 – Canon SX620HS – Price $369.99

This beautiful Canon SX620HS gets my pick for being #5. I love it’s price point, it’s not crazy expensive and you get a bunch of stellar features with this camera.

First let’s talk resolution, it has a very solid 20.2 Megapixel sensor which will allow you to print that image as large as a poster without losing quality.

My favourite feature about this camera is it’s outstanding 25x Optical Zoom capability in such a small body. Canon makes amazing glass (lenses) and here they’ve attached a far reaching zoom to allow you to capture those whales breaching out the of ocean when you’re in Maui. If whales aren’t your thing, this zoom will certainly help on the sidelines while you are trying take pictures of your little one playing soccer on the field.

Speaking of compact, this body is compact as can be with this many features. It also features a massive 3″ display on the back and although it’s not a touch screen, I’m not too worried about it, just less to go wrong in the long run.

Now this camera just like every point & shoot in this list, is fully and VERY capable of capturing stunning full 1080 HD video. Colour rendition from a Canon is very hard to beat. Canon produces some of the best colours in images AND video. Just because it’s only $369.99 doesn’t mean it’s a slouch.

From personal experience stemming as early as 1999 (Canon SD100), Canon’s have amazing battery life, their batteries are the best in the game in my opinion. They hold a ton of charge and will last you easily for a full day of shooting.

#4 Canon SX60HS – Price $529.99

Speaking of zoom! HOLY SHIT! Say hello to the biggest zooms in the market to date! This badass has an astonishing 65x OPTICAL ZOOM and NOT digital zoom. It’s all glass baby! This camera is truly a beast when it comes to zoom and no one else will beat this guy in my opinion. If you are in the market for something that can reach out and capture subjects from afar, this is it.

The SX60 has a bigger body naturally due to it’s incredible lens capability but a smaller megapixel count. At 16.1MP, it’s still not bad but what it lacks, it makes up with a fantastic DiG!C6 processor which will give you gorgeous colours. That being said, please understand that megapixel isn’t always the end all and be all. 16MP is still more than enough to print a poster size.

It also has a continuous shooting speed of 6.4 fps (frames per second) which is stellar when you are trying to capture fast moving subjects like birds or other animals from further out.

Finally, I like this big boy because you now have the ability to have Manual Modes (M, Av, Tv) which gives you great flexibility when capturing images.

#3 Sony Cybershot HX90V – $549.99

Ah! Welcome to my personal point & shoot! I own this little guy and I love it to bits and pieces. Let me show you why.

This camera has loads of features that work well for me and that suit our traveling/blogging/vlogging lifestyle just right. The HX90V has a 18.2MP sensor combined with an EXMOR chip which gives you great image quality, but what I truly love about this camera is it’s incredible 30X optical zoom stacked into a compact body.

The zoom is fantastic for taking it whale watching in Maui which we do once or twice a year, when you combine that amazing zoom with 10fps (frames per second), it makes it hard to miss those stunning whale breachings.

It also sports a massive 3″ screen just like the previous cameras BUT this screen is 180 degrees flipable (is that even a word?) which makes this a wonderful vlogging camera. This screen is not only ideal for vlogging but it’s fantastic for selfies and group shots on a timer.

What I also like about this camera is it’s extensive options when it comes to shooting video and how many frame rates you can pick and choose. IE. 1080 in 60fps or 24fps

The only thing that pisses me off about Sony is it’s incredibly shitty menu interface and the way it records videos onto the SD card. What I mean by that is that when you film say 4 movie clips, Sony records them in a SINGLE file and there is NO way to split. Simply speaking, is that you know you have 4 clips but you can’t just pick ONE and download it to your computer. You have to download the ONE big file. It’s pretty annoying and I actually didn’t know this prior to buying the camera otherwise I would have chosen either #2 or #1 on this list.

Battery life on any Sony is absolutely atrocious so be warned, BUY EXTRA batteries! I have a few extra with me as sometimes, it just won’t make it to a full day if I use it a lot. Just depends.

#2 Canon G9x Silver – $479.99

Oh boy! We are almost there and this guy was almost going to be #1… ALMOST…. Presenting the Canon G9x Silver! This guy is the ultimate street photography point & shoot. It is visually stunning, it has sleek lines, attractive dual colour tone and it’s compact.

When it comes to street photography, you want something small, less conspicuous but full of features such as a fast lens and Manual modes (M, Av, Tv). It has an amazing 20.2MP sensor and when you combine that with it’s remarkable lens that is capable of shooting at f/2.0, you can achieve amazing depth of field or have the ability to shoot in low light. Zoom isn’t it’s strong suit at only 3x Optical but it makes it up with a very sharp lens.

The G9x comes with Wi-Fi built in to share your images on social media quickly and with any Canon purchase, you can register for free for their image cloud service called Image Gateway. You can store up to 10gigs for free on this cloud service which is amazing if you travel and want to share FULL HIGH RES images quickly with family/friends/co-workers/etc.

This camera is pretty straight forward, small, fully manual and perfect for those street photographers!

#1 Canon G7x MarkII – $699.99

LOL you’re probably like “Seriously? You said under $600…” haha I know I know… The reason why I put it here is because I have seen it on sale for about $629.99 – $649.99 and that’s close enough for me.

Where do I even begin with the G7x MarkII? If I wasn’t in such a rush to get the Sony HX90V, this would have been it for me. I won’t lie, I’m kind of choked at buying the Sony after learning of it’s stupid video recording thing. Although I am loving the Sony, this guy is my favourite for sure especially at it’s price point.

Let’s start with it’s body, it is sleek, sexy and very solid! This beast is built with a glorious 20.1MP full 1″ sensor thatĀ gives you astonishing image quality that fits in your pocket. When you combine that sensor with it’s outrageous lens that does 8.8-36.8mm f/1.8-2.8, this thing is sharp, VERY sharp. So as you see here, the G7x can shoot at f/1.8 giving you an incredible depth of field and yet at a full zoom, it still can do f/2.8 which is nothing short of amazing.

The processor is also the brand new DiG!C 7 chip which will give you a slew of features which we will go into later.

The 4.2X Optical zoom also gives you a decent range so that you can still take it on travel and zoom in adequately. Far from the 30X the Sony has but this lens is far superior in every aspect.

Obviously, you can shoot in all of your favourite manual modes with this camera as well.


  1. It is capable of shooting in RAW
  2. 8 FPS continuous shooting
  3. Flip up 180 degree 3″ touch screen
  4. Time Lapse feature without the need for an external intervalometer
  5. Weight of only 319g including battery and SD card
  6. 1080HD in 60fps capable

So there you go, now you know why this badass is #1 on my list! When you combine all of these features with the easy to use Canon menu interface and quality material used, you have a winner thru and thru.

Here are the links of where to buy these.

#5 – Canon SX620HS
#4 – Canon SX60HS
#3 – Sony HX90V
#2 – Canon G9x
#1 – Canon G7X MarkII

I hope this helped you guys out and best of luck choosing a winner just for YOU!


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