Top 5 MUST Have Items In Your Carry-On

Hello Travel Pandas,

As we continue to travel more and more, we learn that there are simply things that you CANNOT go without having in your carry-on regardless of how long your flight is. Here the TOP 5 Must Haves in your carry-on luggage

#5 – Water

This may seem obvious and you may think that the flight will be serving water/beverages anyways, but it can be very dry inside the plane especially during a long flight and it’s always more convenient to have your own water bottle. Some may say that airport water is expensive and we agree however, staying hydrated is crucial for you to stay healthy during your travels

#4 – Snacks/food

Again, same concept here. Perfect example: When I travel to Toronto for work, often times I leave in the early morning and don’t arrive until 4pm with the time difference. It’s either buy a rather expensive and not so savoury bagged sammich OR buy one at Tim Horton’s that’s made fresh just before boarding. I usually end up buying the Tim’s Ham n Cheese combo and it’s a great way to eat whenever you want. Oh and it also prevents HANGRY outbursts hahaha
Snacks are also great if you are traveling with children, this will help prevent HANGRY outbursts and even keep them busy.

#3 – Headphones

In the beginning of our blog, I posted that my one thing I couldn’t travel without is my precious Bose QC35 Noise Cancelling headphones. I used to have the QC15 but they were corded and I gave them to my mom. However, noise cancelling headphones are without a doubt the best investment I have ever made. Again, I know these are super expensive but if that’s too much for you, there are MANY choices out there so take your time. I will say that no matter your choice, you will be grateful to have them!

#2 – Pen

Yup… pretty silly huh? But bring a few pens with you especially during international or USA flights. You will need it to fill out your declaration forms ahead of time and that way avoid the longer line or at least beat people to the front haha
Quick tip – put the pens in a zip lock bag in case they explode and avoid ink stains

#1 – Blanket

Obviously don’t pack your king size duvet haha but I found me a very light and compact fleece Captain American blanket (yes I have no shame) that was only $20. It takes virtually no space at all and it’s a great way to keep warm on the flight. They LOVE blasting the A/C and we saw many many people shivering from the cold and they also probably had an uncomfortable sleep because of it. Sleep in comfort and wrap yourself up in that blanky. What does it look like? Go to our Instagram account and you’ll see me with my Bose QC35 and wrapped like a burrito in that blanket. It’s pretty comical but I had a great sleep on the flight to Honolulu!

So there you go Pandas! Tell us what your top 5 picks are, we’d love to hear from you. Comment below and let’s share our favourite things to bring on the plane!


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