Top 3 Unsuspected Budget Places to Eat in Maui

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We are just 13 days away from being back in Maui, Hawaii and we are going to be there for a full 10 days! We can’t hardly wait as this will be our second time there this year, (third time for Mrs.Panda, she left me that one time… haha)

We often hear from our friends/family/etc that it’s expensive to eat in Maui. While food IS generally more expensive due to importing most of the goods, you can find some real gems out there that will knock your socks off and save you a TON of money.

In order to pre-celebrate, we wanted to share with you our TOP 3 unsuspected places that you CANNOT miss out on while on the super magical and relaxing island of Maui. Let’s it started!

#1 – Costco – Members only so please bring your Costco card with you

HAHAHA!! You guys are probably thinking WTH? But… listen for a second! Did you know that Costco Maui actually is the #2 busiest Costco in the world?? Ya! That’s insane but it’s true! They are constantly busy and they always have fresh seafood, a GIANT selection of cheap booze and a wide variety of good food. Did we mention seafood?
If you are traveling as a family or a group of 4 or more, we HIGHLY recommend that before you even head out to your condo/hotel or whatever, stop at the Costco along the way and pick up all of your food needs there. It can save you a ton of money during your stay and you don’t have to settle for the typical McDonald’s or whatever. As a matter of fact, it ends up being cheaper and far more delicious.
When you arrive there, you will be greeting by an enormous parking lot that is incredibly busy but don’t be afraid, you can find parking very easily we have found out. Once you are in, there is so much to look at and that’s half the fun. Inside you will find a massive section dedicated to wine/beers/hard liquor/etc, you will be happy to find many good quality wines bottles for a good price.
The seafood selection there is generally out of this world, we were able to buy fresh tuna, fresh lobster tail, etc. We were able to get 2 massive lobster tails for just under $32 if I remember correctly and once they were done on the BBQ, it was by far the best tasting lobster tails we have ever had.
We also bought ourselves some ramen, some steaks, mash potatoes, SPAM (duh…), water bottles (great for day trips) and pop as well. So instead of spending $2-$3 per bottle of water, we bought ourselves a flat of water bottles and that saved us a ton of cash. For dinners, we would just make whatever and to be truthful, it was a lot of fun and it made it super fun cause we were able to cook together and enjoy our food just by ourselves.

So there you go! There are a ton of choices at Costco and I promise you that even if you did have to buy a membership prior to going, it’s worth it cause you will save much much more especially when you are traveling with a group of 4 or more. Enjoy these pictures! (my mouth is watering so hard just looking at these haha)

lobster2 lobster1 ramen3 ramen2 ramen1 tuna tuna2

#2 – Foodland 

So Foodland is another fantastic place to grab your groceries from. Since we stayed in Kihei, the Foodland was only 2 blocks away from where we were staying (Maui Vista condos). If you are into seafood and you love FRESH Ahi Poke which is Hawaiian dish that consists of yellow fin tuna, then Foodland has an amazing assortment of Ahi Poke there. Unfortunately, we can’t even begin to tell you the variety that they have since it’s absolutely massive but we can tell you that it’s CHEAP and it’s out of this world delicious!

ahi-poke2 ahi-poke1

#3 – ABC convenience stores

We were located about a block away from this ABC convenience store inside a gas station. Unfortunately for us, we didn’t find out about this little gem until half way into our last trip. ABC stores are usually good for little trinkets, toys, water accessories, you name it but what we didn’t know is that they had this amazing breakfast/lunch/whatever kitchen at this particular location. We walked into one day to find some sun screen and we saw that they had this fantastic menu and it was pretty cheap. So we tried it, we ordered the full breakfast or whatever it was called and it was only $6.49 and boy…. let me tell you…. WOW!!! Freshly made as you wait (less than 5mins), it was not only cheap but sensationally DELICIOUS!!!
The best part of it all was that it was a fantastic reason to get out of bed in the early wee morning (7am at the latest), take a walk to the ABC, grab breakfast and a coffee, cross the street and walk on the beach while stuffing your face with this breakfast. BEST FEELING EVER! This ABC was literally across the street from the beach! How can you possibly go wrong when you start you day like that??

Obviously this isn’t the only ABC store but be sure to check them out, as some are true hidden gems and have lots to offer.


There you go guys! As we approach our trip to Maui, stay tuned for more delicious posts about where to eat cause let’s face it, we Pandas LOVE our food!


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