Review – Japanese Ramen at Ikemen in Calgary!

Hello our hungry Pandas!

We know it’s been raining a ton in Calgary lately and we’ve only had 2-3 nice days ish in the last few weeks. So what do you do when the patio isn’t an option? You warm your tummies with some delicious Japanese Ramen! We did just that and went to our favourite place for Japanese Ramen.

Ikemen is located in the swanky part of Calgary called Kensington, however…. parking sucks bamboo balls. Parking in the back is accessible via the alley and it’s super tight (be careful NOT to damage your car) and parking on the street can be hard to find. But…. that being said, when you’re hungry and love this place as much as we do, it doesn’t matter! HAHA

So let’s get to it! My favourite is the undoubtedly delicious Miso Ramen with extra char siu¬†pork

20160713_223243 20160713_223305

This is my go to dish any time I feel like traditional and classic Japanese Ramen

Presentation – 9/10 – For ramen, this is pretty much as good as it gets
Noodles – 11/10 – There is no denying the yumminess of these noodles, cooked to perfection!
Char Siu – 10/10 – Delicious and very flavourful. Soft and moist, not dry.
Kale – I hate kale so I can’t rate it since I give it away
Broth – 10/10 – The broth is certainly the second best part after the noodles. We’ve tried MANY other ramen places in town and so far, this is our favourite. Not too light, not watered down, incredible flavour and temperature is just right.

Now let’s see what Lady Panda¬†got…
Here is the Tom Yum Seafood Ramen Noodles (spicy) – Lady Pandas #1 CHOICE!!

20160713_223223 20160713_223211

Now this dish is absolutely a treat to eat. It offers you a TON of flavours and that spicy ting gives you just the right amount of heat to make your tastebuds dance!

Presentation – 8/10 – Pretty darn good
Noodles – 11/10 – Same as the miso dish, perfection
Sea food – 7/10 – Overall not bad but I think the flavour mostly came from the broth
Broth – 10/10 – This right here brought the party to your taste buds, that zing tho…

So overall, we can say that the food is pretty darn good. It keeps us coming back even if the parking is terrible. What we don’t like about Ikemen however is their service, it’s very inconsistent, sometimes good and sometimes just meh.

Let’s discuss the not so good service we got one time. One late night, we went there and had our usual, as we were waiting for our dishes to come out, we started to hear some loud burping and noises from an individual sitting by the window. We thought to ourselves… “How disgusting and gross, there are other people eating and this guy is full blast burping and slurping his food”

Well it turns out, THAT guy was a staff member that was eating his meal prior to leaving after his shift was over. We couldn’t believe it. First off, we couldn’t believe anyone would even have such bad table manners let alone a STAFF member of the establishment. I know that some might say that it doesn’t bother them but to us, we felt grossed out and appalled by his behaviour. Let’s face it, we know what would happen (See the movie “Waiting” Ryan Reynolds) if the guy ever found out we spoke to his manager about his disgusting behaviour. We never approached the manager regarding that experience.

Anyways, in closing, eat there, it’s damn good and delicious as heck but be mindful that parking is not easy to find and that sometimes service can be spotty.

See ya later Pandas

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