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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017!!! Guess what?

Hello Travel Pandas!!! Happy New Year to everyone! We hope you had an amazing time off and got to party a little bit! Here is to another year of travel, sun, beaches and even more delicious food! HAHA Let’s get to it! We are incredibly excited to announce that we…
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Hello Travel Pandas!!! We are so excited to share with you that we have now opened up an online store with all of our favourite travel accessories!!! Go check it out and tell us what you think! Cheers! The Travel Pandas


Hello Travel Pandas, Our Top Reason for flight delays was a massive hit and people just couldn’t get enough reading the article! So let us introduce you to the more detailed version of that article. Let’s call it Version. 1.1 HAHA THE FLYING NO NO. WHAT EVERYONE NEEDS TO STOP…
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Top 8 Tips for Flying with Baby or Child

Hello Travel Pandas! We hope you had a great Christmas!  Alright pandas sometimes we don’t just travel by ourselves, we have baby pandas to take with us too! Sometimes this can be stressful on both you and mini pandas. Here are my top 8 tips in regards to flying with…
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Top 5 MUST Have Items In Your Carry-On

Hello Travel Pandas, As we continue to travel more and more, we learn that there are simply things that you CANNOT go without having in your carry-on regardless of how long your flight is. Here the TOP 5 Must Haves in your carry-on luggage #5 – Water This may seem…
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How To Get The Best & CHEAPEST Car Rental in Hawaii (Honolulu/Maui)

Hello Travel Pandas! So as you know, we LOVE Maui and we LOVE Hawaii as a whole! We go there often for the food, the beaches, the incredible culture and history. This trip will mark 5th time there and we are going to share with you the BEST but also…
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Traveling with the DJI Mavic Drone!

Hello Travel Pandas, A mere week prior to us leaving for Maui, we received our very first drone the DJI Mavic. We had pre-ordered it from the Apple store online and were lucky enough to get it here on time for our vacation! This blog post will be a combination…
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BREAKING NEWS! UK Airports staff planning pre-Christmas strike!

Hello Travel Pandas, Since we have a lot of European Pandas following us, this was just announced by the BBC. Please take note and travel accordingly! Here is the article UK Airport Staff Planning Pre-Christmas 48hr Strike Plan things out carefully Pandas, we love you guys! Cheers, The Travel Pandas

WestJet Christmas Miracle

Hello Travel Pandas! If you have flown with WestJet, you know who they are. We fell in love with them many many years ago. We love them for many reasons but one reason stands out. It’s their commitment to care about people and communities beyond any price tag. Every year,…
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Hello Travel Pandas! This past year seems to have been a little rough on a lot of people financially. We constantly hear how people want to do a little something for themselves by going on a trip but they either  “Can’t afford it” or simply just have “too many expenses”….
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