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Our Favourite Snorkeling Gear!

Find the Mask, Fins and other accessories right over here! www.snorkelkings.com

Don’t forget to use the promo code : TRAVELPANDAS10 for a 10% discount!

Hello Travel Pandas!

With our recent store being opened, we wanted to share with you our #1 most used and traveled snorkeling gear! Can you guess what it is??

It’s our snorkeling mask!

Yup! That’s yours truly in Thailand in Maya Bay (other side of it anyways) – It was a boys trip and the boys and I took a private boat tour and he took us to this amazing part that was AWAY from the gajillion tourists and we had this gorgeous water to ourselves! Will post videos once I get the YouTube channel up and running! Stay tuned!

Anyways…. We got these masks I’d say about 4 years ago and they have been everywhere with us. Although I am a strong swimmer and don’t mind the other types out there, the Mrs.Panda is a newbie and can’t swim well. Snorkeling was especially difficult for her, so I got this mask sent from overseas from a childhood friend. It was a game changer let me tell you. It made her more at ease with snorkeling but it also allowed her to concentrate on the FUN of snorkeling rather than the breathing part of it. This mask allows you to breath naturally and I have never had mine fog up whether I was in Mexico, Hawaii, or Thailand. It’s super easy to pack up in your bags, it doesn’t weigh much and it sure beats using someone else’s mouth piece. To me, that’s just fricking gross as hell. Don’t care if you bleached it, it’s gross. Other aspect of this mask is that it does not make your mouth sore from long adventures in the water. The mouth piece isn’t there to make your jaw feel uncomfortable.

It sure attracts a lot of attention as well! People always are curious and more and want to try it out! We let them and immediately, they are sold on it. This mask is amazing for children who are just joining in the fun too! Helps them focus on the basics of swimming and truly enjoy the fun of snorkeling and fishes (sometimes turtles too). We have order all of our friends the same masks after our last trip to Maui with them. Many of them tried the masks and it made a world of a difference.

Now just because we sell them, it doesn’t mean I am trying to hard sell you, believe me when I say that once you try yours, you’ll never go back to anything else!~ So why did we start selling them? Simple, we LOVE THEM! Everyone in our circle of friends and our Facebook friends have seen our videos or pictures with them and have asked about them. For 2 years, I couldn’t find a way to import them at a decent price. Sure there are the H2O Ninja masks that are the same but not to knock on them, have you seen their prices (129usd)?? I priced ONE out in Maui at 3 different shops and each was $160USD EACH!!!! That’s nuts! I can’t sell my friends on that kind of price or anyone for that matter! So after 2 years of research, I have finally been able to import these and I am able to ship them worldwide now at a MUCH better price than the competition. But that’s not the best part, we believe so much in this product that we honestly just wanted to share it with everyone that we could!

This mask is fantastic for children and comes in kids sizes too! I ordered 2 sets for my nephew and niece as a matter of fact! I can’t wait for them to learn the experience of snorkeling no matter where they may go. Now some people may ask if fins are needed or not. The answer is NO. You don’t need fins to snorkel BUT it makes the job SO MUCH EASIER! LOL…. Fins help with using less physical strength to swim but it was helps with fighting strong currents. We DO recommend the fins however and also get ones that are adjustable like the ones on our website. This will help you share the fins with other guests if needed or if you are still a growing teen!

The new masks that we carry also now have a GoPro mount ready to go so unlike me here holding my GoPro on a stick, I can just mount it on top of my hand and free my hands to swim better.

There you go Snorkel Pandas! If you have purchased our masks, PLEASE share some of your pictures with us! We would love to hear about your adventures!


The Travel Pandas


Find the Mask, Fins and other accessories right over here! www.snorkelkings.com

Don’t forget to use the promo code : TRAVELPANDAS10 for a 10% discount!

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