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Our Top Reason for flight delays was a massive hit and people just couldn’t get enough reading the article! So let us introduce you to the more detailed version of that article. Let’s call it Version. 1.1 HAHA


Okay Pandas, the holiday season is almost over but people are still traveling all over for vacations and to visit friends and family. You almost always end up bringing back more items than you packed. This is especially true during the holiday season with gifts, shopping etc. Please, please, PAAAALEASSSE read the sizing/weight limits in your itinerary and use the carry on sizing device at the check-in counters. Yes, overhead bins seem to get smaller and smaller and yes, we know nobody wants to pay to check their luggage. The Cabin Crew members hear you and they get you! Yes, it might have fit on the last plane but it doesn’t fit on this plane. So I thought I would share two reasons why taking a oversize/overweight carry on is a definite no no!


If your carry on bag is jammed pack full of goodies, it’s  probably quite heavy. Yes, there are overhead bins on the plane for carry on bags however, most overhead bins actually have a weight limit. It is extremely dangerous to have a overweight carry on bag that exceeds the weight limit of the overhead bin. Here is why:

  1. You might have rolled your 40 pound bag around the airport till you got to the gate but remember you still have to lift that bag over your head and maneuver it into the bin. What if it doesn’t fit and you have to really push it into the bin? One wrong move and you could really pull something or strain your back. That would make a terrible vacation wouldn’t it?

  1. “If the bag is too heavy leave it to the flight attendants. They will do it cause it’s their job”. If I had a dollar for every time I heard this I would be rich! Actually no, that is not their job. Their job is to ensure the safety of everyone onboard the aircraft in the event of an emergency or evacuation. Asking for assistance and lifting the bag together is acceptable because let’s face it sometimes we just need a little help in shimmying it into the bin. But it is never acceptable to ask the Cabin Crew member to lift your bag into the overhead bin because it is too heavy for you to lift. If a Cabin Crew member gets hurt from lifting a heavy carry on bag, guess what? You won’t be taking off because another crew member will have to be called to replace the one that got hurt. The poor hurt crew member will probably have to go on Short Term Disability, until they are fit to go back to work. It is a lose lose situation for both parties. So if you can’t lift it over your head, leave it at home. You bring it, you lift it!

  1. If you’re doing it, 3 other people in your general vicinity are probably doing it too. But the bin was designed to only hold a certain amount of weight so clearly putting several heavy carry on bags that may exceed these limits is just plain stupidity.


This is a big one, and is a probably the most common reason airlines end up taking daily delays. Let me outline how your over sized carry on baggage can cause delays for the entire day.

  1. You finally board your plane and awkwardly wiggle yourself and your huge carry on to your seat. You spend a good minute or two trying to get your bag to fit, while obstructing the boarding process because other passengers are waiting for you to move out of the aisle. (Delay #1)

  1. You finally realize your huge bag won’t fit so you need assistance from a Cabin Crew member. But of course, you are in the middle of the plane where no cabin crews are because they are manning the emergency exits. So you decide to haul your bag to a cabin crew member and obstructing the boarding process again. (Delay #2)

  1. You finally get to a Cabin Crew member and they tell you they will need to check your bag, but they can’t take your bag until everyone is seated because your bag is blocking the route to the emergency exit plus they need your boarding pass (and of course you left that in the seat pocket too). So you make your way back to your seat once again while disrupting the boarding flow AGAIN. (Delay #3)

  1. You sit/stand at your seat awkwardly with your big bag while telling people about how your bag fit on the last plane or make a joke about how these planes are getting smaller and smaller. Meanwhile people  are just staring at you and wondering why you didn’t just check your ridiculously huge carry on. The boarding process is almost done and the aisle is almost clear so the Cabin Crew member is finally able to assist you with your bag. They take your bag along with your boarding pass up to the front of cabin as everyone is settled and ready to take off. (Delay #4)

  1. The gate agent removes your baggage off the aircraft. Before they can hand it off to the baggage guys the gate agent must run back to the top of the gate to scan and print off baggage tags and then run back down to tag the oversized luggage. (Delay #5)

  1. The baggage guys now have to transport your bag down to the ground and reopen the baggage door in order to load the your last minute carry on. Meanwhile, this is happening the Cabin Crew member must take your baggage tag and boarding pass and run back to your seat before their designated spots (Delay #6 and #7)

  1. Now just imagine the domino effect this could have on the rest of the day. What if there were 4 or 5 oversized carry ons on every flight before yours, or one of the passengers with the large carry on is the very last to board? Or even worse the Cabin Crew member hurts their wrist or strains their back carrying your heavy carry on to the front of the cabin so now they have to call another crew member in? Then you definitely are not taking off on time or making your connections!

So my traveling pandas as you can see this is just a recipe for disaster.  We need to stop doing this and do our part and teach everyone why they need to stop doing this. No one likes delays and no one likes to get hurt. Be safe my traveling pandas and pack light!


The Travel Pandas

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