Lovely place to eat in Edmonton, AB. Tiramisu Bisto

Finally! A food post for all of our hungry hungry Pandas!!

So over the weekend, we headed to a wedding Edmonton Alberta and in between the ceremony and reception, we needed some lunch so…. We actually walked into this very awesome little bistro (not actually little, pretty big if anything haha)

By pure luck, we found the Tiramisu Bistro on this quaint corner. We sat down and were kindly greeted by Brianne (I hope I spelled her name right), and she immediately made us feel right at home with her charming and upbeat personality. We got our menus and first thing we thought to ourselves was “oh man… this isn’t going to be easy…” hahaha!! However, I ended up picking the Formaggio which is Grilled chicken, mushrooms in an Asiago cream sauce on rigatoni and my lady Panda got herself the Wild Forest Mushroom & Chicken Risotto.

You guys may not know it but I have this secret love affair with Coke in glass bottles, I personally think they taste better and I just love them. That being said, they had a fresh and icy cold one ready for me! I was sold right there and then. I knew this was going to be a great lunch.

So just after a few short minutes, our main dishes came and boy did it smell good! (See pictures attached) We were salivating and couldn’t wait to try both dishes!

First let’s start with the Formaggio

Presentation – 10/10
Pasta – 10/10 (perfectly cooked, not overcooked which is easy to do)
Chicken – 11/10 oh hot damn…. moist, delicious and sooooo flavourful!
Mushroom – 9/10 but only because I wanted more haha
Garlic bread – 9/10

Simply put, the flavours really stuck out with every bite and the cream was not to thick but just right. After finishing the dish, I certainly didn’t feel over stuffed but very satisfied.

Second dish… the Wild Forest Mushroom & Chicken Risotto

Presentation – 10/10 duh…
Chicken – 10/10 just as good as my dish
Mushroom – 10/10
Risotto – HOLY SHIT…. just HOLY SHIT…. look, I’m no food critic but I know my dang risotto and this is by far the best risotto I have ever had including from a Michelin rated restaurant. Ya that’s wild right? Look guys, if there should be something for you to try at the Tiramisu Bistro, it’s their risotto. Just do it. Don’t argue or think about it, you are just wasting valuable “risotto in your face” time! hahaha
Now how to describe this to you? It’s so incredibly flavourful, the taste is not just at the tip of your tongue but rather lingers in the back of your pallet even after going down. It remains there until the next bite and the next bite and until it’s all gone. The chef here also doesn’t do just a tiny spoon scoop of the risotto either, he has a hearty amount there for you to be 100% completely satisfied with. Just thinking about this dish makes me sad I’m not there having it for lunch again today.

Service from Brianne like I said earlier was super pleasant, she ensured we enjoyed every bite and was very attentive to our needs. We certainly appreciated the meal but if the service wasn’t good, it still would leave a bitter taste in your mouth. Thankfully for us, we hit the jackpot.

Prices you ask? Here is a quick screenshot. Pricing is VERY much bang for your buck. Nothing atrocious and certainly well worth happy tummies!

So to summarize our experience at the Tiramisu Bistro, GO THERE! If you live in Edmonton, take a quick drive there, if you are just visiting Edmonton, just go there too! Thank you again Tiramisu Bistro for the wonderful time and exquisite meals! We will see you soon!

Much love,
The Travel (well fed) Pandas

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