HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017!!! Guess what?

Hello Travel Pandas!!!

Happy New Year to everyone! We hope you had an amazing time off and got to party a little bit! Here is to another year of travel, sun, beaches and even more delicious food! HAHA

Let’s get to it! We are incredibly excited to announce that we have opened an online store dedicated to travel accessories. Why did we do it? Well we have and use a bunch of cool stuff like our snorkeling masks and our lazy bags at the beach and people ALWAYS ask us where we got those items from. So now, we want to share them with you! Come check out our store! Click on my face below!

Here for example is us using the lazy bag on the beach! Took a little bit of running to get going but once it was done, it was super comfy!

Come check us out at https://snorkelkings.com/ for all of your snorkeling and traveling needs! Oh and did I mention? Use Promo Code: TRAVELPANDAS10 and get 10% off your purchases!


The Travel Pandas

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