Guess what this lucky Panda just got today?

Hello my lovely Pandas!

In our first post, we talked a little bit about my favourite headphones. The Bose QC15’s have been my travel workhorse for many years and now it’s time to upgrade!

Introducing the newly launched BOSE QC35 wireless noise cancelling headphones!!


I chose these absolutely stunning silver headphones because I wanted a little change from the black but also, they simply look stunning! Look for tomorrow’s post where I will do an unboxing of these bad boys and also give you some first impressions.

Before I say goodnight, I wanted to give a quick shout out to Sean (assistant manager) at the Bose Store in Southcentre Calgary for helping me with the purchase. Sean was very knowledgeable and knew that I already had the QC15’s so he focused on what improvements the QC35s would bring me and my lifestyle. He spent a good amount of time talking me thru the new technology and truly showcased the undisputed reasons why Bose was the ONLY choice!

Look out for the YouTube unboxing video tomorrow and goodnight my lovely Pandas!!!

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